Physical Literacy for Parents

Children need to participate in a wide variety of  fundamental movement skills (e.g. jumping, running, kicking) in multiple setting such as land, air, snow and ice. To find out how you can support your children in developing physical literacy visit Active for life. Contact us to learn more about our Physical Literacy for Parents.

Here's an example of something to do with your children to increase physical literacy

Balance Poses

Requirements: No equipment required


  1. Either indoors or outdoors, show your child a balance pose, and encourage your child to imitate you as you hold the pose.
  2. Stand up on the tips of your toes, arms stretched straight overhead.
  3. Stand on one leg, other leg bent at the knee, arms raised straight sideways like wings.
  4. Stand on one leg, arms raised straight sideways like wings, bend forward at the waist, and lift rear leg (airplane pose).
  5. Stand on all fours, head down, rear in the air (downward dog pose in yoga).
  6. From all fours, raise and hold one leg high in the air.
  7. From all fours, raise and hold one arm high in the air.

* Adjust the difficulty of the pose according to age and ability of your child.

* Invent other balance poses together—use your imagination! 

Whenever you pose standing on one leg or one hand, be sure to repeat the same pose standing on the other leg or hand (develop ambidexterity).

Benefits: This activity develops coordination and balance.