Are you coaching children ages seven years and older and want to support them in being better athletes, reduce their risk of injury, and be active for life? Then this program is for you!

Experience the movement preparation program with Active Sudbury’s trained coaches.  Our trained Movement Preparation Coach can join your team of coaches to demonstrate and support the implementation of movement preparation. 

Movement preparation helps children increase:

  • sprint speed and acceleration
  • aerobic fitness and endurance
  • lower body strength and power
  • core performance/strength
  • proficiency of “on field” movement skills (better cutting, etc.)

What is movement preparation program?

Physical Literacy Movement Preparation is an enhanced training program performed as a warm up before practices and games to enhance performance and durability. Movement preparation not only prepares the body for movement, it also improves the way you move, reducing the risk of injury during physical activity and teaches skills necessary for performance. 

If you would like more information about movement preparation and how you can get a certificated Movement Prep Coach to support your team in implementing this program for free contact us