Building a Healthier, Happier Greater Sudbury

Active Sudbury is a community group made up of individuals who work for health and education-focused institutions within the City of Greater Sudbury, including the municipal government, local sports and recreation organizations, public health, and post-secondary institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster physical literacy among the residents of Greater Sudbury, providing them with the gateway to engage in physical activity throughout their lives.

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What We Do

We combine the diverse educational backgrounds, talents and expertise of our members to provide educational workshops, events and other programming that educates city residents about the benefits of physical activity, empowering them to build the competence, confidence, knowledge, and motivation to engage in physical activity for life.

We work with local organizations (including businesses, sports organizations, local high schools and more) that want to improve physical literacy among their students and members. Once we partner with an organization, our goal is to provide them with best practices, tools and support that will help them foster physical literacy among their members.