About the PLAY Groups

“Physical activity is a lot more fun when you are physically literate.” (Sport for Life Society, 2017).  Now more than ever physical literacy is being recognized as an important component of best practices in sports, recreation, health and education sectors within Canada.

Sport For Life Society (S4LS) is an organization driven to improve the accessibility and quality of sport and physical activity opportunities in Canada. Along with S4LS, Active Sudbury believes that a multi-sector strategic alliance is the most effective way to foster the development of physical literacy in children and youth across the country.

What are the PLAY (Physical Literacy and You) groups?

PLAY provides resources, education, and networking opportunities to help local PLAY group members stay engaged and informed so they can implement best practices in Ontario, throughout Canada, and around the world in their setting. Each of the PLAY groups aim to provide an avenue for interested partners to work together to promote, implement, and evaluate programs, services, amenities and policies which advance physical literacy in Greater Sudbury by applying Active sudbury’s values and principles. There are four Playgroups whin our community: 1- Early Years PLAY group, 2- Education PLAY group, 3- Sport & Recreation PLAY group, and 3- Health PLAY group.